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Solar Array Project 2022


The Solar Array Project was started in 2021 through a grant made possible by Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Solar Grant program. The panels were installed in the summer of 2022, and will help the Sumner Community Food Bank to produce 45% of its total energy use, cutting both our overhead costs and our energy consumption, allowing us to help our neighbors in need while also considering our environment.



The Solar Array Project was implemented in order to meet our goal of not only stewarding our resources wisely, but in an effort to reduce both our energy consumption & food waste.


By installing the solar panels, we're able to cut our energy bill nearly in half. Most of the Food Bank’s energy consumption goes to power refrigeration of perishable foods, meaning the array will largely cover the energy costs associated with providing families in our  community with fresh produce, meat, and dairy. 

More about PSE

This project was funded largely by a grant from Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Solar Grant Program. Check out their website for information on programs they've funded.

Thank you for your amazing support!

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